Satisfied Clients

This restaurant is out of Redding about 20 minutes, but well worth the drive. It has really tasty food and the prices are super reasonable. I had a 6 oz. steak and lobster tail and both were very good. My husband had a New York steak and he commented it was one of the best he’d had. The other three people in our party all enjoyed their food very much. The atmosphere is family-friendly and the service is fine.T.M.
The meat is excellent and the service is good, you can’t beat the wine prices!H.P.
Three of us went to Dry Creek Station a few weeks ago. Two of us had been there before it burned down so had something to compare it to. We all loved it. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and the place was packed. We assumed the service would be slow since they were so packed but we were wrong. The service was wonderful and it appeared everyone else got the same service we did. We were all very pleased with the food and then the best part – the bill was less than $35. We were all shocked: a good-tasting, full dinner for three with non-alcoholic drinks for less than $40.S.C.
We are Bella vista locals and we were anxious to come back but figured we would let things settle down a bit first. It was worth the wait! The food was just as delicious as we remember. Service was excellent, food was even better and it hasn’t lost that home town feel that we loved with the old dry creek.S.L.
Fresh chicken fried steak is what the menu said, and that is what it was. It looked like any other CFS but was by far the best we had ever tasted. The steak actually was fresh – not pre-breaded product made in Minnesota and shipped across the country – and covered with a luscious sausage country gravy. Tender and actually tasting of beef instead of Mystery Meat, this was a winner….. We do miss the old Hatch Cover and their occasional special of BBQ beef ribs, but Dry Creek Station’s ribs have put that longing to rest. Slathered with a dark BBQ sauce, very meaty and tender ribs fell off the bone at the slightest prodding. A second plate of ribs was brought at our request. A. del Signore said these were easily the best beef ribs he’d had in a restaurant.aNewsCafe Blog
A steak house near Redding, CA that I continue to appreciate. I elected to dine at DRY CREEK STATION in BELLA VISTA, CA off East 299 on Sunday-June 12th. The Prime Rib there is delightful. Last I was there in 2008, was when I returned from Cedarsville, CA. Since then, Dry Creek Station had been rebuilt from a fire. Wow! A tasty comeback.M.
We went to the newly remodeled Dry Creek restaurant and was surprised by the openess of the building. There is a seprate old fashioned bar with solid wood bar and t.v.s for sports etc. And the main restaurant, large enough to allow a group of any size to visit. We were greeted by a friendly hostess and the wait staff were also friendly. We ordered the prime rib dinners, which come in 2 sizes, 8oz and 16oz. I got the 16oz and it came is your choise of sides, a salad and bread. The meat was large, juicy and cooked to perfection. The whole meal was excellent and the service was quick. The meal was reasonable priced, a dinner for two with drinks was under $35. And there was a lot of good food. Looking around the restaurant, all the food looked well made and wonderful.F.F.

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Dry Creek Station Restaurant
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Closed on Mondays

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Dry Creek Station Restaurant